Meet Princess McKinney Kirk, Mom, Celebrity Doula, C-Section Expert, & Bestselling Author & CEO of BelliBind

Season 1 | Episode 4


uring this podcast conversation, we discuss snapback culture and its impact on mothers with guest, Princess McKinney Kirk, the CEO of BelliBind, a Bengkung technique and ritual for womb healing. Princess, who is a trained Doula with a team of Bengkung practitioners nationwide, explains the art of this sacred Indigenous Malaysian postpartum ritual that involves wrapping a long piece of fabric around the womb space to provide support, and contour to the body so it can be safely return in place. Its process and purpose is detailed in Princess’ Bestselling book, Belly Binding: A Simple Postpartum Ritual To Reclaim Your Body and Heal Your Spirit.

During our conversation, Princess graciously shares her difficult 45-hour labor experience, which was followed by an emergency C-section, its profound impact, and how it deepened her empathy for surgical birth mothers, especially as a trained Doula. Postpartum healing is a deeply personal journey, influenced by cultural practices, individual experiences, and access to supportive care. Through practices like belly binding and compassionate support, mothers can reclaim their bodies, heal their spirits, and embrace the transformative journey of motherhood. We were moved by our conversation with Princess, and know you will be too.

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